Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Mom Love

 Image swiped from eBay

A new study has shown that mothers and babies synchronize their heartbeats to within milliseconds by simply looking and smiling at each other. Researchers at Israel's Bar-Ilan University found that Mom's visible affection has tangible physiological effects on her three month old baby. They explain:
Mothers and their 3-month old infants were observed during face-to-face interactions while cardiac output was collected from mother and child. Micro-analysis of the partners' behavior marked episodes of gaze, affect, and vocal synchrony. Time-series analysis showed that mother and infant coordinate heart rhythms within lags of less than 1 s.
Bootstrapping analysis indicated that the concordance between maternal and infant biological rhythms increased significantly during episodes of affect and vocal synchrony compared to non-synchronous moments. Humans, like other mammals, can impact the physiological processes of the attachment partner through the coordination of visuo-affective social signals.
Aw. Check out the abstract here.

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