Friday, February 03, 2012

Olivetti Valentine Update

Above is a photo of my much-loved Olivetti Valentine typewriter. But check out what a team of design students did with their Valentine!

By Martin Zopf, Pia Weitgasser, Anton Weichselbraun, Julia Kaisinger.

A tribute to the late Ettore Sottsass and a preview of  Open Source Design, our assignment for Summer 08, is the reinterpretation of Olivetti´s legendary portable typewriter Valentine.

Created in 1969 by Sottsas in collaboration with Perry King Valentine is a strong manifestation of Sottsass´ claim that design should not merely be functional but additionally be attractive and emotionally appealing.

Transposing this concept to meet the demands of our digital era led to a kind of cultural recycling. Valentine´s attributes were interpreted in a stylistic and very functional level.

The typewriter´s heritage induced for instance the use of a flexible display. Thus, the monitor ceases to be the the formgiving factor allowing the keyboard to determine the overall dimensions.

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