Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Rant And Link Love

Niiiice Valentine, Google!

I've been saying for years that Valentine's Day has a lot of potential: celebrating romance is a good thing, but why not have a day for loving everybody? Love your partner, your friends, your family, the world, yourself. Love it all. Love life. Shine love on anything that needs it, whether its a personal problem or a global issue. A day that gets people thinking and talking about love isn't a bad thing.

All good things can be used for bad, though. Of course, Valentine's Day has been commercialized. EVERYTHING HAS BEEN COMMERCIALIZED. You don't have to take part in that aspect of it. There is no "pressure" unless you believe in it such things. I like The Oatmeal's "Less complaining. More sexy rumpus." (Warning: swear words : )

Valentine's Day can also bring up pain and show where healing is needed. This can hurt if you resist it! I don't know anyone who has not suffered a broken heart in some way. If that's you, maybe try going inward to investigate -- instead of expressing your pain outwardly? I don't want to tell you what to do, but that's what I try when it's me, and it seems to help. Otherwise, you carry around your own, personal Museum of Broken Relationships. Maybe forgiveness needs to be a big part of Valentine's Day. Letting it go and letting it out feels pretty darned good -- and then there's chocolate!

Ok, end of rant. Here are a few Valentines from around the internet world today.

I have a small collection of vintage Valentines and a hard-to-find book about the history of the Valentine's Day card. Mitch O'Connell's selection of old, unintentionally funny Valentines is inappropriate, sexist, and violent --  not for everyone -- but I'm cracking up. Thanks to Marc Lostracco for sharing.

"Love among the carrots at Everdale Farm." Everdale Farm has been called "Loverdale" Farm because its interns keep falling in love and starting their own farms together. "Given the killer hours and program’s workload — seven months of long days learning curriculum and working the fields — it’s surprising anyone found time to court. But McCormick thinks it’s precisely the hard physical labour that results in love. The “feeling of energy and being more alive” puts you more in touch with your body, he says. Combined with the close physical contact of being side by side in fields under a hot sun, it’s a recipe for romance."

 Old school love map. Swiped from minimoz.

You (and I) Are Here: we like to map love with any available technology, maybe because we're afraid of getting lost? Anyway, Canada Kiss Map, an interactive online map for sharing stories about memorable kisses, launches today. Great introduction to the project by its creator, Chris Kay Frazer, here. The Guardian is attempting to map how love holidays are celebrated around the world with its online Love Data Map. And check out I Just Made Love, which shows places where, oh, nevermind. I mapped the sites of Toronto's I Love You graffiti in 2001 and once made my sweetheart a map showing cities and towns that included our names, so I am not immune to the fear.

Right, so that's all well and good, but let's conclude with what you really want to know: what is Justin Bieber doing for Valentine's Day?????? OMG

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