Monday, August 27, 2012

Johnny Barnes Loves You

"Come rain or shine, 88-year-old Bermudian Johnny Barnes devotes six hours every day to an endearing traffic ritual that has made him one of the island’s most cherished citizens."

Johnny Barnes has been telling Bermudians he loves them every day for ... twenty-six years! He stands at a busy traffic roundabout during the morning commute, waving, loving and "covering" drivers "with honey." I first read about Johnny's love in 2007, but after watching this ten-minute documentary, I feel it.The documentary was featured on Short of the Week, where reviewer Jason Sondhi writes:

As the film begins I’m a Johnny Barnes skeptic. “Whaddya mean he loves everyone? What kind of attention-seeking ploy is this? Doesn’t this just devalue the meaning of love?”. 

I guess this resonates with me because the same questions have been asked about my work, and I've psycho-babble-analysed why I do what I do more than I care to admit. I'm awfully happy to hear that Mr. Sondhi concludes:

So much good seems to have come from Johnny Barnes’ unique and daily act of expression, that through the sheer relentless of optimism and good-feeling this film exudes, my cynicism fades, until I feel like I genuinely care about Johnny and his well-being like everyone else in Bermuda.

I'm still aiming for relentless optimism and good-feeling until all cynicism fades. I've only been sending I Love You's out to the world for eleven years, so I've got a lot to learn from Johnny.

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Cert said...

Good to see people who do something without any financial gain. Wish there was more people like that.