Thursday, September 06, 2012

Uruguay and Brazil Heart You

"Aqui bate um coração" translates as "here beats a heart," according to Google Translate. I know no Portuguese, but Google explains:

With the desire to experience something new in their daily lives and provided with iPhones and cameras, twenty friends invaded the streets of the city during the night to make love hearts and the statues of the Cathedral, Anhangabaú Republic, Arouche, Ibirapuera and Trianon. 

What do we want? Put a little more love in daily and another in which the collective hopes the red dots scattered throughout the city awaken smiles, a respite in the midst of this chaos we live and of course lots of love - after A HEART BEATS HERE! 

Which led me to São Paulo's Curativos Urbanos, who repair holes in the streets and sidewalks with pink hearts and bandages:

An action that uses color and humor to raise awareness about the bruises from sidewalks - that can hurt a lot of people out there. Some sidewalks of St. Paul won bruised colored bandages. They can not really heal, but wish to draw the attention of those who can: us.

These folks have their hearts in the right places: here, there, and everywhere!

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