Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Conspiracies and Questions...

Okaaayyeeee, I attempted to upload the above image of my youngest son's Valentine bookmarks that he made for his classmates, and Blogger sent me to the CIA? It's a Valentine's conspiracy, I tells ya!

Before the detour, I meant to write that I'd like to develop some sort of love curriculum for the classroom, but I have no idea what it would include. Anti-bullying workshops are wonderful and sex ed. is great, but what would pro-love education look like? A parent-friend complained that school Valentine's Day parties are empty calories, Disney cards, and dollar store junk. I wondered how they could be updated, as I still think the holiday is a good opportunity to celebrate love. Also, my son had an I Love You button on his backpack until his friends made fun of it. I felt sad.

I've learned more about love from my sons than I've taught -- they inspired the I Love You Project. When my oldest was in elementary school, we did I Love You drawings in first, third, and fifth grades with his classes. Maybe it could be that simple? If you have any ideas, please get in touch!


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