I + L + Y Formula

French philosopher Roland Barthes calls I Love You a formula. He says it is "without nuance," "blank" and spends eight pages telling us why that in romantic discourse, I Love You has "no usages". And maybe, in romantic discourse, he has a smallish point. But Barthes does not consider that I Love You's blankness and lack of nuance is its strength if we broaden our love focus beyond just one person ... to love the entire world. If everyone could say I Love You to the world and all things and creatures in it, what kind of place would we inhabit? I think it's sad that we only say I Love You to only a few people in our lifetime.

So let's call I Love You a natural law.

let I = your soul, super ego, spirit, being, ka, personality ... whatever you name your self.

"let Love rule" - Lenny Kravitz

let You = the soul, super ego, etc. of any person, place or thing ... including animals, trees, the tax auditor, your self.

If you weren't good in math class, don't let that scare you. This is the new math, science, language, art, psychology, philosophy, politics, music, medicine and nutrition. When everyone says I Love You to everyone else, the result will be nothing less than

a healthy planet
world peace
the end of hunger, loneliness, and disease
equal human rights for all

Therefore, let I Love You be the theory of everything. Then, no one will ever pollute the oceans, destroy your homeland, wage religious wars, or cut you off in traffic again.